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Bonkers is a blue squirrel with a long, bushy tail which has pink stripes. He was featured in Pop Goes the Boo Boo (foremly Goo Goo) and the Series 5 Figures. He will not be a Moshling.


The rare critter Bonkers is probably the only one of his kind. When not chillin' and eating Pop Rox in his Sludgetown Apartment, he hangs out near the busy entrance to The Underground Disco. This ceowd pleaser has learned to do tricks to entertain the Underground dwellers in order to warn enough Rox to pay his rent.

Agent Bonkers

The rocks that Bonkers sits on in The Underground Tunnels hide a secret archway in the wall. Once, he used a magic trick to make the rocks disappear so the Super Moshis could use the opening to reach a hidden C.L.O.N.C. lab on one of their secret missions.

Jumping Japes!

Bonkers knows the more bonkers his tricks are, the more Rox the rich monstro-rati disco crowd will throw his way. His most bonkers to dateis his spectacular double somersault back-flip!


Underground Critter


The Underground Tunnels


Doing tricks to earn Rox for his rent.