Benny HaHa
No! Sushi
Vital statistics
Title Benny HaHa
Gender Male
Species Shrimp
Residence Unknown
First appearance Moptop Mischief
Latest appearance Moptop Mischief
Benny HaHa is a shrimp and personal chef to Zack Binspin. He runs a sushi bar (No! Sushi!) which is located backstage at the Trembly Stadium.


Beeny has the appearance of a vermillion crawfish with two claws, jagged at the lower side, which have two finger-like pinchers, holding chopsticks. He wears a dark-blue jacket with short sleeves, a high collar and six golden buttons. Beeny also has marroon long, parted eyebrows and a mustache, along with a beard. He has violet eyelids, which appear with top and bottom of his eyes.